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Performance Wearables

Heads Up.
Hands Free.
Fully Immersed.

Bio-inspired Performance Eyeware

Smart Glasses for Cyclists.

Introducing Solos™. The world’s most technologically advanced smart sunglasses. Solos were designed in conjunction with the USA Cycling Team with the specific aim of improving performance. Whether you’re an elite cyclist, weekend warrior or daily commuter, Solos will help you to push your limits and reach your full potential by providing real-time performance data, notifications and coaching at a glance.

  • Configure

    Control your ride experience and view the data you need, all from your smartphone.

  • Ride

    See your data while you ride heads-up and hands-free.

  • Improve

    Adapt your performance in real-time and reach your potential.

Lightweight. Aerodynamic. Ergonomic. Advanced Technology.

Solos™ is designed to feel like your existing cycling glasses, which is why they are lightweight, aerodynamic and designed with human ergonomics in mind. That doesn’t mean that the technology doesn’t pack a punch. Solos leverages technologies developed for US Military Joint Strike Fighter pilots, putting you at the cutting edge of head-up display innovation.

  • Frames
  • Display
  • Armature
  • Power
  • Lens
  • Audio

Sleek aerodynamic frames.

  • Low-profile silhouette for minimal wind resistance
  • Ergonomic comfort and efficient airflow
  • Integrates easily with helmet designs
  • Optimal peripheral vision
  • Robust, military grade design

Vista™ pupil-scale display.

  • Vista pupil-scale head mounted display
  • Pupil-scale see through optics
  • World’s smallest optical module for mobile augmented reality
  • High resolution
  • Virtual screen is 4X larger than fixed displays
  • Sharp display, even in bright sunlight

Disclaimer: For situational awareness only. Users should view data on the display at a glance only and should always focus on surroundings.


Adjustable display arm.

  • Adjustable display arm
  • Engineered from thermoplastic nylon
  • Extreme durability

Long life power cell.

  • High-density lithium cell
  • Long life (five hours of run time)

Interchangeable lenses.

  • Premium quality for ultimate clarity, details and protection
  • Made from high-impact, safety-rated Trivex polymer
  • Interchangeable optical lenses (options available in 2017)

Immersive audio field.

  • Immersive audio field
  • Dual microphone and microspeakers
  • Near-ear design for ambient awareness
  • Dynamic volume control for consistent levels
Product Features

Speed. Power. Cadence. Heart Rate. Navigation. Coaching.

The power is in your hands.

Companion App

The power of an advanced bike computer. Hands free and at a glance..

Solos™ provides a range of functionality designed to improve how you ride and reach your performance potential. The Solos app, available on both Android and iOS, enables you to configure your ride settings to your individual preferences. Whether you want to track your speed, power, cadence and heart rate, use the navigation feature, race against your previous ‘ghost rides’, set targets to beat or get coaching, Solos has you covered.

After your ride, you can view your data on in-app graphs, see what your stats are for the day, week, month or year, and share your rides up to popular cycling platforms such as Training Peaks, Strava and MapMyRide.

At a glance

  • Solos™ Customize your ride experience.
  • Use advanced navigation and map out your route.
  • Track data from your existing Bluetooth® sensors.
  • Connect and use your existing ANT+ sensors.

What's happening as it's happening.

Introducing Solos™. The world’s most technologically advanced performance smart glasses. Designed specifically for elite cyclists, trainers and coaches, Solos utilizes the power.


You can track a large range of data on Solos, such as your power, speed, cadence, heart rate, distance, elevation and more. All you need are your connected bike sensors and GPS on your phone!

Display Customizable Screens


Tap into a range of performance metrics, with data taken from your connected bike and body sensors. Heart rate zones let you hit peak performance and stay within your training tolerances.

Display Performance

Ghost Rider

Take a previous ride performance and try to beat it! Solos will give you real-time feedback of whether you’re ahead or behind and your comparative metrics.

Headset Ghost Rider

Phone Calls

Answer phone calls during your ride so you don’t miss a beat and stay connected, all without removing your phone from your pocket.

Call display

End Of Ride

Get an instant snapshot of your ride performance before you go to analyse your ride in full. Share directly to your favourite ride platforms such as Training Peaks, Strava and Under Armour!

End of Ride

Set Targets

Using Solos, you can set targets and the system will automatically prompt you if you’re not on track. Solos acts as your virtual coach.

Set Targets


Whether you want to travel to an address or follow a cycle route, you’ll never get lost with Solos with turn-by-turn visual and audio cues.

Display Navigation

Your View

Solos lets you control what you see on the headset. If you want to compare two linked metrics then you can using our multi-display feature!

Display your view

Manage your ride experience.
Monitor your ride performance.

With the Solos app, you can manage every aspect of your ride experience. You can choose which ride metrics you want to see during your ride and also how they’re presented. All of the ride modes can be independently enabled/disabled and managed. Targets can be set and the system will monitor these targets and can let you know how you are performing. All of your data can be viewed after your ride and shared to your favourite cycling and social media platforms.

Manage Rides

Connect Your Sensors. Start your ride.

Standard Bluetooth and ANT+ cycling sensors are supported on Solos. For phones without an ANT+ radio, we have developed a unique system to relay ANT+ data via the headset, so they’ll work with most phones including iOS devices. Connecting your sensors is very easy, and they’ll auto-reconnect the next time you ride.

Sensor Connection