Capturing Kona

From October 8th to October 14th of this year, the team at SOLOS traveled to Kailua Kona, Hawaii, for the 40th anniversary of the IRONMAN World Championships. We brought four along for the trip, including founder Ernesto Martinez, Sr. Director of Marketing and Sales Scott Fliegelman, Marketing Manager Darren Marinelli, and Events Coordinator Erinina Ness. We’re all like a big family here, and each of us created memories that we’ll be able to carry with us for a lifetime.

SOLOS Heads to Hawaii

As race day neared, we did a photo shoot along the Queen K Highway, which happens to be the marquee section of the bike course, and we took a boat ride along the swimming course to get a better sense of what the IRONMAN athletes really have to endure during the first leg of the race.

We wanted to demo the glasses to some of the athletes, so Scott volunteered to do a Ventum group ride to show them how they work and go over some of the benefits. Scott and Ernesto were also interviewed on the big stage to delve a little deeper into how the glasses benefit athletes.

We were all kind of blown away when 6x IRONMAN World Champion Natascha Badmann and IRONMAN World Champion Leanda Cave stopped by our booth to check out SOLOS and try our mix-your-own smoothie bike station. By the looks on their faces, I’d say they were quite pleased!

SOLOS is an Official Sponsor of the 2018 IRONMAN World Championships

Of course, the reason we were in Kona in the first place was the race, and as the official Smart Eyewear of IRONMAN and an official IRONMAN sponsor, we took our jobs very seriously.

Along with the race itself, some of the official events we attended included the IRONMAN Hall of Fame Inductee Ceremony at Hulihe’e Palace and the E Komo Mai Welcome Athlete Dinner. We also participated in a SOLOS swag toss at the finish line at 10:30 pm on race day with Kona branded hats and SOLOS cycling caps, which was a lot of fun!

SOLOS Wearable Technology Empowers Athletes

Our goal with SOLOS has always been to create the most advanced “smart glass” platform in the industry. With that as our driving force, we have helped athletes from a range of disciplines reach their full potential during training and competition. With features like real-time performance data and our proprietary heads-up display, voice and audio technology platform, the future was evident for those triathletes that let SOLOS be part of their IRONMAN journey.

Our trip to Kona, Hawaii, allowed us the opportunity to create some lifelong memories and strengthen our bond as a company and family. It also let us spread the word about SOLOS, share our story with fans and athletes and create some exciting brand awareness, and for that, we will be forever grateful.