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The mission of Solos™ is to create unique performance-enabled devices meant to inspire athletes to tap their full potential. By creating optimal heads-up displays and simplified accessibility to performance data, Solos focuses on catering to today’s dedicated athletes. The Solos vision is to be lighter, smaller, smarter and better, all while delivering innovative, safe and intelligent solutions.

Three Key Areas of Unique System Design and Performance

  1. On Track, Olympic Athlete Smart Glasses Testing:  Solos is the first Smart Glass optimized to maximize competitive athlete’s user experience with unobtrusive and seamless real-time feedback while training without compromising safety, aerodynamics, visibility, or comfort.
  1. Aerodynamic Smart Glasses Design:  Exclusive high-performance smart glasses design that focuses on optimized features for aerodynamics, with an integrated balanced ergonomic fit, that accommodates new aero-helmet designs and minimizing weight.
  1. Heads-Up Display Integration: Unique software integration for track and road performance training plans empowering athletes to receive seamless real-time critical information through the Heads-up microdisplay and integrated audio technologies.
Ruth Winder

High-Performance Frame and Lenses

Resting comfortably on the face, the minimalist and flexible design enables Solos to be compatible with any aerodynamic helmet. The frames are built to be ultra-durable with high-end polycarbonate that shields from impact, wind, dust and shocks. It features anti-slip temple and nose pads for ultimate grip during high-intensity training. Solos offers premium quality interchangeable lenses, made from high-impact, safety-rated Trivex® polymer, for ultimate clarity, detail and protection.

Ruth Winder Cycling

Heads-Up Display

The world’s smallest optical display module pane measures 4mm in height, as small as the size of a human pupil. The Vista™ virtual screen showcases a large 5-inch display with bright, high-resolution color graphics. The screen cuts glare so images can be easily read on the sunniest of days. Solos features an innovative opto-mechanical adjustment that further enhances personalization on display location, improving comfort and minimizing eye strain when worn during longer training sessions. The core ultra-small heads-up display technology is provided by Kopin Corporation, a leading developer and provider of innovative wearable technologies and solutions for integration into head-worn computing and display systems to military, industrial and consumer customers.

USA Training

Long-Lasting Battery

The Solos battery provides riders with up to 6 hours in a single charge, perfect for long rides, triathlon training or mountainous cycling where outlets are not easily accessible.

USA Cycling Chloe Dygert

Audio Technology

Integrating a near-ear stereo speaker system with ambient monitoring, Solos provides athletes with optimal control of volume levels to deliver performance cues that can be clearly heard above the noise of the road and wind. In addition, users can always stay connected with features including call notifications, text message alerts and performance cues.

Sarah Hammer

Solos Mobile App

The Solos app allows customization of data-streams to fit the athlete’s training regimen and coaching protocols, delivering advanced performance metrics. Solos is compatible with both Android and iOS. Solos comes equipped with ANT+ technology that enables wearable and smartphone devices to effectively share training data. The all-inclusive platform and sensory indicators provide enhanced metrics such as speed, power, pace, heart rate, distance, duration, and other Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible information. Solos has Strava integration technology allowing users to download GPS routes and upload all training sessions with automatic transfers, making sharing information with teammates and friends hassle-free. Use Solos bike glasses for fitness tracking on a weekend activity, while training outdoors for an upcoming race or while on a bike trainer.

What They're Saying...

What They're Saying...

"Without the access to this data and this technology we would not be where we are today. So a big thank you to Solos for supporting Team USA on our way to Rio"

Kelly Catlin 2016 World Champion, US Olympic Team Member 2016

What They're Saying...

"One of our favorite products from Media Night was the new Kopin Solos smart glass display."

Aero Geeks

What They're Saying...

"It’s just super awesome"

Chloe Dygert 2016 World Champion, US Olympic Team Member 2016

What They're Saying...

"Putting that data stream in your peripheral vision lets you stay on top of it without looking down at a computer....The result is Vista, which is about one quarter the size of anything else out there."

Bike Rumor

What They're Saying...

"Solos ... makes it easier to see how your ride's going in the moment and analyze your performance stats and GPS directions. The text on this 4mm display looks easy-to-read without getting in the way"

Men's Journal

What They're Saying...

"if you're serious about your bike then Solos might be a good entry point into next-gen wearable tech."


What They're Saying...

"It’s cool to have a dual purpose glasses and power meter all at once"

Ruth Winder US Olympic Team Member 2016

What They're Saying...

"This is definitely a tool to help you improve bike performance"

Sarah Hammer Two Time Olympic Silver Medalist, US Olympic Team Member 2016

What They're Saying...

“We worked in conjunction with the Solos team from the ground up to develop a wearable technology that could be a game changer in the industry and have a great impact across the board.”

Andy Sparks Director of Track Cycling Programs USA Cycling

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